District Advocate Program

Do you want to help build a statewide network of community liaisons with elected officials to push policy?

Then join the District Advocate Program where you'll be trained on how to build relationships and communicate with elected officials (e.g. city, county, school board, and state legislature). 


Keys to Success and Time Commitment

Keys to Success (that we'll train you on)

  • Build a positive and respectful relationship with local legislators: As the “face” of Network Delaware in your area, you will need to spend time meeting with and communicating with your local legislators (e.g. State Senator/Representative, city/county council, school board, etc.)
  • Consistently communicate with and involve area Network members, volunteers, and supporters: Network Delaware will share lists of Network contacts in your RD so you can start to meet with and build relationships with them in order to involve them in Network activities. 
  • Clear and accessible communication: Many parts of this position involve communicating with a diverse array of people so both your written and verbal communication skills need to be strong.
  • Find 1 issue you’re passionate about you want to advocate for from the Network Delaware policy platform - While a few times a year we’ll provide action alerts to respond to, we encourage you to push for an issue you care about

We anticipate this role taking approximately 2-3 hours a month.

Take Action

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Email us at info@thenetworkde.org for more info.