Organizing Change Program


Do you want the skills to unite people around a common goal in your community? Do you want to support those around you in developing their own leadership? Do you want the strategic tools to propel change?

Through comprehensive applied training, this program immerses participants in the fundamental elements of social change organizing in the 21st century. The materials draw heavily from organizing programs all over the world (e.g. Marshall Ganz’s leadership course at Harvard, Rinku Sen’s writings, and various strategic nonviolence resources).

This is focused on skills. This program is for:
Those who wish to learn the fundamentals of organizing in order to:

  • Change public policy
  • Develop their neighborhoods
  • Build teams of committed volunteers


  • Trying to get a certain bill passed
  • Stopping a development in a certain area
  • Repealing the death penalty
  • Wanting your block to look nicer
  • Starting a community garden
  • Passing a paid family leave bill
  • Organizing an after-school program for kids
  • Starting a theater group
  • Getting a stop sign or crosswalk in your neighborhood

What you’ll learn

  1. Build Your Team: Coordinate collaborative leadership teams
  2. Motivate People to Action: Translate your values into a public narrative that draws on people’s hopes and desires for change
  3. Develop a Plan: Create detailed action plans, thorough strategies, and a diverse tactical repertoire
  4. Recruit Committed People that Get Stuff Done: Build motivating relationships that involve others in a common goal

Program details

  • Suggested $25 donation for the Intro Sessions and $50 for the 1-day sessions (however, even if you cannot donate right now we still want you to come!)
  • 2-hour Intro Sessions and 6-hour Sessions


Garrison Davis (community organizer) “Network Delaware’s training and coaching gave me the platform and opportunity to learn about my style of leadership, and how it can be used to affect change in the community.”

Britney Gulledge (organizer) “The Organizing Change Training program gave me a chance to sit back and study social activism, before starting a project. So many times, I've had an idea that wasn't fully mapped out and I found myself getting overwhelmed and ultimately giving up. Having the tools to plan, organize, strategize made me more successful in creating a program to help the community become more civic-minded. I also had the help and assistance of those around me to bounce ideas off of, which is unbelievably helpful.”

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