Organizing Fellowship Program


Do you want to fight for social change? Do you want to improve your organizing, advocacy, and activism skills? Do you want to join a passionate and dedicated team?

Then consider applying for Network Delaware's Organizing Fellowship! 

This program is designed to hone your organizing skills, give you specialized coaching and training, and connect you with a team fighting for social change in Delaware. Below is more information about the position

Logistics of position

  • Competitive application (e.g. written response to application questions, in-person interview, field practice, etc.)
    3-6 month program depending on applicant
    Paid position: $500 to $1,000 a month
    8 to 15 hours a week which includes training and individualized coaching

Elements of the position

  • Recruit and develop volunteers: Build relationships with volunteers to hone their leadership (e.g. conduct 1-on-1 meetings, run volunteer recruitment efforts, coach volunteers, etc.)
  • Field organizing: Engage neighborhoods in the issues of the day and how they can get involved (e.g. organize house meetings, canvass door-to-door, and meet with community groups)
  • Issue campaigns: Develop people’s capacity to push policy

Keys to success

  • Organized relationship building: Getting to know volunteers and candidates in a strategic and thoughtful way will be key to getting them connected to the organization.
  • Clear and accessible communication: Many parts of this position involve communicating with a diverse array of people (e.g. members, candidates, funders, etc.) so both your written and verbal communication skills need to be strong.
  • Independent planning and execution: Deciding TODO items and completing tasks without someone consistently assigning the work is key for this role.
  • Building capacity in communities of color and low-income communities: An essential part of our mission is to develop political power in communities of color and low-income communities, so you will need to be focused on developing relationships and building up volunteer leaders.
  • Leveling up volunteer engagement: This is nearly an all-volunteer effort, so you will need to prioritize not just getting volunteers involved, but also making sure their commitments grows over time.

Application deadlines

Final Application Deadline (early applications accepted)Start dateLength of Organizing Fellowship (can vary slightly so just let us know when you apply)
Fall 2019July 22ndSeptember 3rdSeptember to December
Spring 2020January 10thMarch 2ndMarch to June
Summer 2020April 3rdJune 1stJune to August

How to apply

We accept applications on a rolling basis so feel free to apply early. There are final deadlines so check the most up-to-date application details and deadlines on our website

The application process is highly competitive and we generally only accept one person per cycle (i.e. Summer, Fall, and Spring).

To apply please click the button below.

If you have questions please contact us at We love talking to people about organizing and social change so definitely feel free to reach out to learn more about the position and how you hope to grow, we'd appreciate the chance to talk!