Reproductive Justice

Our guiding principles include:

  1. The right not to have a child
  2. The right to have a child
  3. The right to parent children in safe and healthy environments.

SisterSong; Reproductive Justice: An Introduction (Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger)



  1. HB3 allows all state employees (regardless of gender) to take 12 weeks parental leave at the birth or adoption of a child. We’re excited that parents will be able to take time to focus on their new family and hope to follow it up with legislation which allows all Delawareans to take paid time with their new family.
  2. SB139 requires that Delaware private health insurance covers medical support for infertility, including the IVF procedure. This would allow people who are unable to cover expensive fertility treatments out of pocket to become parents. While this will benefit many Delaware families, fertility access should exist regardless of socio-economic status. We are currently working to expand this coverage to state employees and other forms of state provided health insurance.
  3. SB157 allows medical practitioners better eliminate STIs within Delaware. When a patient tests positive for an STI, the practitioner can provide not only them, but also exposed partners, with a prescription to cure the STI. This bill should help those who are reluctant or financially unable to seek medical support to care for their sexual health.
  4. SB166 provides free tampons for people in prison. Access to menstrual hygiene products should be a human right and we at the Reproductive Justice Committee want to ensure that everyone who menstruates can choose the best product for their needs. In the next legislative session, we plan to push for access to menstrual hygiene products for low income families.


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Change We Seek

We’re fighting for the kind of Delaware that allows everyone the inherent right to their own reproductive choices.

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