Safe Communities

The Safe Communities campaign is a coalition of groups working to protect our immigrant communities and together promote policies that foster trust and clarity. This campaign aims to pass policies around "Safe Communities" (i.e. policies that keep state and local agencies removed from immigration enforcement) school districts, cities, counties, and the State of Delaware.



Since our campaign started the following jurisdictions have passed “Safe Communities” policies:

  • New Castle County through an executive order by County Executive Matt Meyer
  • The City of Newark
  • Red Clay School District

Change we seek


The policy recommendations we seek for any entity include:

Section 1: Protection of Residents’ Personal Information. To build trust with immigrant communities, all government entities should maintain confidentiality of non-publicly available information and decline sharing any information to other entities or officials, unless necessary to perform department, agency, or commission duties or required by law.

Section 2: Restriction on Use of Government Resources. To set a clear distinction from federal immigration enforcement, government entities should refrain from identifying, investigating, or detaining any person on the basis of a suspected violation of immigration law nor respond to any civil immigration warrant or requests relating to immigration purposes.

Section 3: Implementation and Training. To ensure employees have the correct information, all relevant government entities should develop a plan for dissemination of the policies described above and provide appropriate training to ensure all representatives understand their responsibilities

The passage of a statewide “Safe Communities” policy that clearly separates the State of Delaware from immigration enforcement (ICE).


  • ACLU of Delaware
  • Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement
  • Delaware Civil Rights Coalition
  • Delaware Hispanic Commission
  • Delaware United
  • Latin American Community Center

Take Action

Meetings are held bi-weekly.

Email us at for more info.