Network Delaware Volunteer Opportunities

Want to develop your own skills and/or support the work of Network Delaware? Then check out some of these opportunities.

Team / ProgramDescriptionTimeContact
Network Action Teams

Do you want to improve your skills, connect with other dedicated people, and support a range of issues? 

Then join your local “Network Action Team” that focuses on impacting policy, improving their own communities, and developing their own collective capacity. 

2-3 hours a monthClick here to signup for more information
Civic Action Alerts

Do you like writing and research? Do you want to learn more about what’s going on in Delaware?

Then consider going through the orientation program to support our weekly Civic Action Alerts! (Can be done from home)

3-4 hours a monthBryan Payne at
Leadership Development Trainer and Facilitator Team

Have you gone through some of the Network’s trainings and leadership development programs? Do you want to help others improve their skills?

Then consider becoming a Network trainer and/or facilitator!

5-6 hours per training (you pick which trainings fit your schedule)Drew Serres at
District Advocate Program

Do you want to help build a statewide network of community liaisons with elected officials to push policy?

Then join the District Advocate Program where you'll be trained on how to build relationships and communicate with elected officials (e.g. city, county, school board, and state legislature).

2-3 hours a monthClick here to signup for more information
Issue Campaigns - Join or start your own!

Do you want to make change in your community? Do you have an idea of a policy you'd like to see supported (or opposed) at the state or local level? Do you feel committed to getting others involved in this effort?

Then consider starting an issue campaign!

~5+ hours a weekClick here to find out more
Peer Coaching Program

Are you involved with Network Delaware or one of its partner organizations? Do you want to have small group and 1-on-1 coaching to improve your organizing skills?

Then consider joining Network Delaware’s Peer Coaching Program!

1-2 hours a monthClick here to signup for more information
Fundraising Team

Do you want to help the Network increases its resources? Do you want to engage more partners with the Network’s work?

Then consider joining the Fundraising Team! We work on member engagement, grant writing, and fundraising events.

3-5 hours a monthDrew Serres at
Administrative Team

Do you like helping behind the scenes? Do you want to make sure all the Network’s activities have the support and supplies they need?

Then join the Administrative Team that works on maintaining the office, making sure teams have all the supplies they need, and helping with odds and ends.

2-3 hours a monthTeam Network at

Partner Issue Campaigns and Groups

Check out the volunteer opportunities available with the issue campaigns Network Delaware supports and some of our other partners.

Team / ProgramDescriptionTimeContact
Black Mothers in Power: The Campaign to Improve Black Maternal Health

Black Mothers in Power: The Campaign to Improve Black Maternal Health, is working to end Black mortality rate of mothers and babies & to improve the health of Black mothers & babies.

We are a group of Black Women leading a movement called Mothers in Power. It is a statewide campaign to create regulations and policies to improving Black Maternal Care in Delaware.

3-5 hours a monthShané Darby at
Building People Power Campaign

The Building People Power Campaign is a grassroots multi-issue effort to propel racial justice across Delaware.

The campaign was born from the understanding that we need to break out of our issue silos, connect across districts, and support each other in our many efforts to make lasting change whether it’s in education, criminal justice reform, housing, economics, or health.

3-5 hours a monthShyanne Miller at
Campaign to End Debtors' Prisons

We’re a coalition of community members pushing for reform of the court fines & fees system.

Poverty should not be a crime. It's time for this system to change. We demand Delaware stop trapping poor communities in cycles of debt and criminalization.

3-5 hours a monthMargaret Hu at
H.O.M.E.S. Campaign (Housing, Opportunity, Mobility, Equity, Stability)

The H.O.M.E.S. campaign is focused on creating an equitable housing policy agenda for the City of Wilmington that's focused on: High quality, affordable renter-ship opportunities, Fair opportunities for home-ownership, Ending homelessness in the city, and Housing options for re-entering citizens

3-5 hours a monthShyanne Miller at
Safe Communities Campaign

The Safe Communities campaign is a coalition of groups working to protect our immigrant communities and together promote policies that foster trust and clarity.

This campaign aims to pass policies around "Safe Communities" (i.e. policies that keep state and local agencies removed from immigration enforcement) school districts, cities, counties, and the State of Delaware.

3-5 hours a monthDalissy Washington and Erika Gutiérrez at