Action Teams

Our Action Teams focus on impacting policy, improving their own neighborhoods, understanding how to get involved in elections, and increasing local community action.

The goal is build a set of Action Teams in all 41 representative districts in Delaware to ensure all Delawareans have a voice in our democratic process.


What are Action Teams?

Action Teams are groups of people (e.g. based on issue interest, geography, etc.) that want to work together to make an impact in their community. These teams meet on a consistent basis and receive targeted support from Network Delaware.

Specifically, Action Teams:

  • Receive leadership development coaching on making an impact
  • Use a civic engagement digital toolset (e.g. curated local news and policies, community action opportunities, upcoming events/actions, etc.)
  • Respond to policy action alerts and/or run issue campaigns to change policies in their communities
  • Obtain a small food stipend to share meals at meetings
  • Apply new technologies as appropriate
  • Get a weekly tailored agenda and list of ways to take action for their team

These Action Teams are great for people who want to learn the policies impacting our state, how they can learn new skills to make a difference, and get connected to other individuals and initiatives.