Civic Engagement

Network Delaware’s Civic Engagement initiatives emphasize increasing voter turnout, creating awareness around issues, listening to the community and government groups, and creating introductory materials for civic matters for the community. To accomplish this, we focus on developing neighborhood teams to represent all Delawareans and organizing the Delaware “People’s Congress.”

Do you want to learn more about what’s going on in your local school board or city council? Do you want to learn the important news impacting our community and our state? Do you want more easily accessible information on elected officials, candidates, policies, and community action? Do you want to organize with other individuals who care about making change?

Then sign-up for one our initiatives!


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Are you looking to improve your "Change Agent" skills and knowledge? Then you've come to the right place! This page highlights the Network's list of resources and guides.
Leadership Development Civic Engagement
On average only about 1% of eligible Delawareans vote in our school board elections. That means only about 400-500 people decide whowins an election. So learn who's running and go vote!
Civic Engagement
Do you want to help build a statewide network of community liaisons with elected officials to push policy? Then join the District Advocate Program!
Civic Engagement
Network Action Teams focus on impacting policy, improving their own neighborhoods, understanding how to get involved in elections, and increasing local community action.
Civic Engagement
The goal of the People’s Congress is to build a network of teams in every district across Delaware to discuss and develop a grassroots policy platform across the state.
Civic Engagement
Our Civic Action Alerts share key information from across the state including: a Policy Action Alert, News Alert, Community Action Alert, and a Calendar Alert.
Civic Engagement