Activate Change Agents

About Us

Our Mission.

Our purpose is to develop change agents. 

We want people to know their contributions matter and they can make a difference in their community if they work on it. Because once people discover their own power and organize with others, they can secure real wins for our state.

Network Delaware provides a civics gym where we prepare individuals and partner groups to improve their skills and foster equitable civic change. We work to develop leaders who can develop other leaders.

We provide an easy way for people to get involved with existing community initiatives or start their own. 

With a dedicated change agent Network here in Delaware we can make a powerful difference in the lives of our neighbors.

People Power Is Our Superpower!

Our Main Initiatives

What Is Network Delaware?

We believe that People Power is Our Superpower! This means we follow the leadership development philosophy of Ella Baker which reminds us to improve our own abilities to create change, rather than relying on a single leader. We believe in scaffolded democratic learning where we all support each other’s growth over time.

The Network Delaware community is your home for personalized learning. Our focus is on supporting your growth and ability to share your skills with others. We also believe we learn best by getting involved. 

Network Delaware has two main initiatives.


Leadership Development

We focus on training people to organize, get civically involved, and how to run issue campaigns. Here you can join us in interactive workshops, coaching programs, the Ella Baker Black Organizers Group, and a hands-on Organizing Fellowship. You can also go through our digital Change Agent Education library or pick up a copy of our printed Guidebook.

Whether you're looking for 1-time workshops or long-term support, our team is here to assist your personal civic growth!


Civic Engagement

We focus on getting people involved in the community and connecting efforts across the state. Here you can join our Civic Action Alerts, Network general meetings, or our community coaching team. You can also get involved with our partners including: the Community Policy Initiative, Delaware Call media group, and partner policy issue campaigns/projects.

Whether you're looking to get involved with an existing initative or start your own project, our team is here to get you involved with others!

Our Core Values

Persistent Organizing

We commit to build people power in order to create lasting social change.

Intersectional Justice

We support those most affected by the root cause of issues to fight for institutional and systemic change.

Collaborative Learning

We build a culture of peer learning and growth through constant reflection/feedback, coaching, training, and hands-on implementation of skills.

Real Wins

We focus on securing real improvements in the community and in people’s own lives.

Volunteer Leadership

We work to have all programs, campaigns, and initiatives led by our members.

Value People

We believe in building meaningful human connections and creating spaces of joyful community.


Network Delaware (The Network) launched on January 30th, 2017 with an eager community of grassroots leaders, organizers, and change agents seeking to chart a way forward for lasting social change in Delaware. The Network began as, and remains, a grassroots, volunteer-led organization.

Here's a short video showing Network Delaware's efforts in our first year.

Since our beginning we have always been a grassroots, volunteer-led organization.


Policy Around Nonpartisanship and Elections

Network Delaware is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that engages in the political realm. We encourage our members to become informed about elections, candidates, and public policy.

However, Network Delaware as an organization refrains from supporting or opposing any political party, any candidate for public office, any group that directly aids candidates, or any other effort that could be defined as “Campaign Activity.” We prohibit campaign literature and electioneering at official Network Delaware functions.


Ready To Get Started?

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