Support Network Delaware


Network Delaware is funded by grassroots donors like you! The majority of donations come from people who give what they can to help support our mission to "activate change agents" so we deeply appreciate any support. Your donation is entirely tax-deductible.

Why your donation matters
We're working to get people involved to build "people power" across the state of Delaware. We want our primary source of support to come from supporters, rathing than having to rely on just a few individuals/foundations for funding. This helps us remain an independent force for justice.

Become a member
Network Delaware membership dues are $10 a month. As a member of "The Network" you're contributing to building the power of regular people getting involved in the political process. You're joining a grassroots and member-led organization of community members, leaders, organizers, and activists who are joining together to bring real, sustainable change to our state. Why become a member?

  • Collaborate with other passionate community members
  • Build support for issues you care about
  • Learn how to develop your own skills to create change
  • Support in our process of improving and guiding our work for long-term change in Delaware

Benefits of Membership

  • Free or reduced cost for trainings
  • Member Guide + Network pin
  • Can join our “Change Agent Journey” program (i.e. where you identify skills you want to learn and get support/coaching to achieve them)
  • Ability to vote on policy priorities
  • Member-only socials


Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Q: Can I signup for a Network Delaware membership?
A: Yes! Memberships are $10 a month.