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Other Programs

Change Agent Education

Are you looking to improve your "Change Agent" skills and knowledge? Then you've come to the right place! This page highlights the Network's list of resources and guides on how to improve your abilities in a wide range of areas. 

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The Campaign School

The Campaign School is for those wishing to learn what it takes to win elections as candidates or campaign team members. This program is ideal for those who wish to run for office themselves as candidates, along with those who wish to serve as campaign managers or better trained campaign team members. This is a good program for people who've never run as a candidate or been on a campaign team before as well as those looking to significantly improve their skills.

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Change Agent Training Program

Do you want the skills to unite people around a common goal in your community? Do you want to support those around you in developing their own leadership? Do you want the strategic tools to propel change?

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