H.O.M.E.S. Campaign

The push for housing as a human right.

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Other Campaigns

Safe Communities Campaign

The Safe Communities campaign is a coalition of groups working to protect our immigrant communities and together promote policies that foster trust and clarity. This campaign aims to pass policies around "Safe Communities" (i.e. policies that keep state and local agencies removed from immigration enforcement) school districts, cities, counties, and the State of Delaware.

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Black Mothers in Power

We are a group of Black Women leading a statewide campaign to build awareness, create community programming, and improve regulations and policies to address the disparities in Black Maternal Healthcare.

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Campaign for Fair Policing

There are real, tangible solutions to improving police and community relationships. One way to do this is by ensuring regular people are part of the answer. Everyone wants a safe neighborhood to live, work, and play in. And everyone wants to trust law enforcement officers who take on the duty to protect and serve.

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