Change Agent Journey

Do you want to improve your skills but don’t know where to start? Do you have a busy schedule so can’t add a lot of extra meetings/trainings? Do you want to have some peer support/accountability to learn?

The Change Agent Journey is a tailored leadership development program where you identify key skills you want to learn (e.g. management, instituting equiting/justice within your team, pushing policy, etc.) and you work with a small group and coach to reach your learning goals.

We have 9 core areas where you can earn “achievements” for accomplishing certain skills. After going through the program, you will also have the opportunity to be a sponsor for a new member to help them grow their own skills.

This program is great if you’re looking to improve your skills with a group of others, have a busy schedule (so need something that’s more flexible), and want clearly identified skills to pick from.

Program Structure


Here's the main structure for the Change Agent Journey:

  • There are 9 civic leadership areas for participants to focus on including: Starter Achievement (i.e. for those just beginning their “Change Agent Journey”), Organizing, Justice & Equity, Personal Growth, Issues, Elections, Management & Teams, Advocacy, Research & Messaging, along with Action.
  • For each of the above “Achievements” there are prepared learning guides on how to effectively engage in that area.
  • Change Agent Journey participants join a monthly peer learning group that is a mix of group sharing and peer breakouts. We offer a mix of times (e.g. weekday, weekend, evening, lunch hour, etc.) and attendance options (e.g. digital and eventually in-person around the state) in order to ensure people can easily participate.
  • A crucial element of the Change Agent Journey is the individualized leadership development approach. Instead of just receiving group training, we provide tailored coaching and support for participants since we have found this is crucial for people to significantly increase their skills and confidence. We do this through 1-on-1 coaching and peer sponsorship.