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Civic Action Alerts

Do you want to contribute to social change efforts, but don’t have a lot of time? Do you want to know what policies are up for debate in Legislative Hall or City/County Council? Do you want a concise summary of the pressing news impacting our community? Do you want to know what you can do in your own neighborhood to make a difference?

Then our weekly “Civic Action Alerts” might just be for you!

What’s included in the Civic Action Alert?

Our Civic Action Alerts go out every Sunday and include a summary of key things to know across the state. Each week you will receive a:

  • Policy Action Alert: Find out what policies are being considered across the state. These Policy Alerts help you know the key policies impacting our community from the local to the state level.
  • News Alert: Relevant local and state-wide news. These news updates will have short write-ups of important stories that impact folks across the state.
  • Community Action Alert: Identity easy ways to improve your own neighborhood. Find potential projects, big and small, that can make a positive impact on your community!
  • Calendar Alert: Know how you can get involved in you local area. Find out when local school board or city council meets, when the next public forum happens, and when you can take to the streets at the next rally.

What are we trying to achieve

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We’re looking for people who want to join together from their living rooms, workplaces, faith spaces, and community gatherings who wish to take consistent “Civic Action” to make our home here in Delaware just a little bit better every week.

We believe that when we all come together and do our part to civically engage, then it can truly make a huge difference in all of our communities.

Take Action

Sign up here to receive a “Civic Action Alert” every week in your inbox!

Also, consider taking the "Civic Action Pledge" to commit to taking at least 1 civic action a week (most take 1 minute or less a week to complete).

Email us at info@thenetworkde.org for more info.