Policy concerning nonpartisanship, elections, and candidates

Network Delaware is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that engages in civic and community efforts. As part of the Network we encourage our members to become informed about elections, candidates, and public policy. 

However, Network Delaware within the organization prohibits the support or opposition of any political party, any candidate for public office, any group that directly aids candidates, or any other effort that could be defined as “Campaign Activity.” We prohibit campaign literature and electioneering at official Network Delaware functions. 

In addition, Network Delaware board members must resign their position when they become an official candidate for office. Elected officials are prohibited from serving on Network Delaware’s board.

Network Delaware staff members may run for office or get involved in an electoral campaign, but must do so on their own time. They are prohibited from any Network Delaware resources (e.g. computers, office supplies, lists, etc.), discussing the campaign through any Network Delaware communications (e.g. internal email system), or talking about the campaign at Network events/activities. Staff members may need to take time off or a leave of absence. Staff members must sign a document stating their agreement to these conditions and the understanding if they fail to do so, they will be terminated.

Network Delaware believes the active involvement of individuals in elections and campaigns is beneficial to our democracy. Consequently, the Network encourages our members as individuals to be active in the political process such as getting involved in political parties, in finding and supporting candidates for public office, and in seeking election to public office.

It shall be the responsibility of the board of directors of Network Delaware to ensure that the organization’s nonpartisanship is maintained.