School Board Voter's Guide

School boards help decide how our public school budgets are set and decide key district rules and regulations.

On average only about 1% of eligible Delawareans vote in our school board elections. That means only about 400-500 people decide whowins an election.

That’s why we're excited to have Network Delaware take on a campaign to let the public know who’s running in our school board elections and encourage more of us to vote.

If you’re wondering who’s running in your school district (or even another district), you can quickly pull up their brief bio and answers to questions such as “How would you ensure the district provides equitable access and meets the needs of all students?” or “What should your district do to hire and retain a diverse and highly qualified staff including teachers, administrators and support personnel?”

Click here to find out who's running for school board.

School Board Voter's Guide Link

Click the link below to find out who's running for school board in your district and in all school districts across the state.

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